Plenary Speaker at Fossil Free Sweden

Fossil free Sweden (Fossilfritt Sverige) is a very special organisation. An official government body as can be seen from the “.gov” address in the hyperlink above, but at the same time an almost activist organisation. Their mandate is to create alliances with industry (and other organisations) for a transformation to a fossil-free society. The room was full of enthusiastic representatives from Swedish industry as well as government and NGOs, media etc. We spoke of the gigantic investments needed in industries like not only power and transport but notably cement and steel where large scale collaboration is necessary between government and industry. These are transformations that are virtually impossible to achieve with carbon pricing alone but I reminded the audience that industrial policy must still always be complemented with a price on carbon – otherwise the savings in say the steel industry could be dissipated by leakage to new uses if the price of fossil fuels were allowed to drop.

My talk can be seen in the video below (in Swedish):

Sändning från Fossilfritt Sveriges höstworkshop del 1. 10.00 Välkommen på höstworkshop10.05 Klimatpolitik som funkar i praktiken – Thomas Sterner, professor i miljöekonomi, Göteborgs universitet10.35 Mandatperiodens viktigaste frågor – Åsa Pettersson, Scania, Johan Gerklev, Skanska, Per Ahl, Svemin11.05 Speeddating11.15 Fossilfria upphandlingar – Ulf Rosengren, Keolis, Samverkansgruppen för fossilfrihet i avtal och upphandlingar11.30 I väntan på en klimatminister- var finns blocköverskridande enighet? – Martin Ådahl (C), Maria Gardfjäll (MP), Johan Hultberg (M)

Publicerat av Fossilfritt Sverige Fredag 12 oktober 2018



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