Negative Emissions

I was just at Chalmers for a Conference entitled Negative Emissions. The discussion in the panel focused on the overall message that we researchers send when we discuss negative emissions. On the one hand there are some who think we should not discuss Neg E because then people will not quite understand how important it is to stop emissions today. Most of us disagree, negative emissions can indeed be an additional help to limit the damages from climate change and should be taken seriously but the main instrument is still abatement of emissions for example through carbon taxes. There is no way negative emissions can substitute for reduction of ordinary emissions – but they can be a complement in some circumstances.

Note the Legendary Jim Hansen who testified on climate change to the US Congress in 1988 and really is a father of the modern climate awareness. He insisted on carbon taxes. I really admire that he is still so calm and friendly.


Moderated this panel:

Wednesday, May 23, 15:00-15:40 Panel 2. Modelling, policy and incentives.

Discussion:  How much negative emissions will be needed? How do reach the policy makers? Incentives.

Moderators: Glen Peters and Thomas Sterner

Panelists: Christian Azar, Josep Canadell, Sabine Fuss, Oliver Geden, James Hansen, Jan Minx, Naomi Vaughan, Detlef van Vuuren,


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