Carbon Taxation: A Tale of Three Countries

New published article in a special issue of Sustainability; Economics of Environmental Taxes and Green Tax Reforms. The special issue features papers from leading academic figures in the field of economics on the design, implementation and assessment of environmental taxes and green tax reforms. Together with Mark Jaccard and Patrick Criqui, Thomas Sterner contributed with a paper on the tale of carbon taxation in three countries; Canada, France and Sweden. The paper can be found here.

INSEE-CESS International Conference, India

On November 6-8, the Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE) together with the Center for Economic and Social Sciences (CESS) organizes its Tenth Biennial Conference ‘Climate Change and Disasters: Challenges, Opportunities and Responses’ in Hyderabad, India. The conference invites researchers, students, and policymakers from different disciplines and countries to discuss the likely impacts of climate change in India, as well as evaluate the alternatives and policy options to address the risks posed by climate change and extreme weather events.

Thomas Sterner is invited to give a keynote lecture about climate politics, titled “Dealing with the climate in an efficient, fair and feasible manner: What can we learn from economics?”. Read more about the conference here and download the brochure here.