The Professor is regarded as a somewhat mythical character. We read our books, work out our equations and write cryptical papers comprehensible only to each other.  But in reality we aim to understand and explain the reality in which we live. At least it is my aim to understand, explain and even improve in some small way.

This website is an attempt to bridge that gap and to present my work and ideas to both specialists and also to a broader public. Here is a guide to this website.

First we have the “news section” on the side menu to the left, where I post important events regarding the climate, energy politicy or the environment but with a personal touch and mainly news about my own work. Since this website was launched only in May 2018 the list is still quite short.

And then there is the top menu with pages regarding my work (CV), both regarding publications such as peer reviewed articles, books and media and information on external engagements and some consultancy that I occasionally engage in, as well as a section with more personal aspects of my life and how I integrate a sustainable thinking into my everyday life.

Following here is a list links to relevant webpages:

Current speeches and media appearances

  1. Presentation of “Attitudes toward Carbon Taxes” at EfD’s annual meeting. 2020-11-19.
  2. Presenter of research proposal “Attitudes toward climate policy” at ACT! Sustainable Research Conference, organized by the Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development (GMV). 2020-11-18.
  3.  “Zum Klimaökonomie” Guestlecture for Elisabet Gsottbauer at the Department of Economics at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. 2020-11-17.
  4. Presentation of “Attitudes toward Carbon Taxes” pilot study at “UCSD Environmental Economics Seminar Series”, cosponsored by the Department of Economics and the School of Global Policy and Strategy, University of California San Diego, USA. 2020-11-16.
  5. Presentation of “Policies for the climate crisis: Analysis of necessary policies with particular focus on transports” at the Symposium on Transport Policies against Climate Change, hosted by University of Barcelona. 2020-11-10.
  6. ”Kan corona ge draghjälp åt klimatomställningen?”(Can Corona aid the climate transition?) interview in Radio Sweden on the opportunity for a green re-start of the economy with Corona stimulus money. 2020-10-16.
  7. “Miljöekonom: Styr om tillväxten för klimatet” (Environmental economist: Resteer growth for the climate) interview in Svenska Dagbladet about climate economics and growth. 2020-10-11.
  8. Interview on carbon pricing with Le Monde Journalist Marjorie Cessac for Climatico. 2020-10-06.