Policy design for the Anthropocene

It all started with a workshop here in Gothenburg. Now we have a published article in Nature Sustainability. The article is featured on the cover and it can be found here. Monica Contestabile has written an excellent editorial on the subject and Thomas Sterner has written a “behind the paper” blog post. The School of Business, Economics and Law’s press release can be found here.

Picture from the workshop 2016-12-08.

Some other media coverage on the article includes:

”Forskare: Det här är bästa skatten för miljön”. Interview of Thomas sterner by Jesper Vighagen for SVT Nyheter. 2019-01-17.

”New policy design needed to tackle global environmental threat” in Sience Daily. 2019-01-11.

”Styrmedel för en hållbar värld” by Kerstin Lundell in Miljö & Utveckling. 2019-01-18.

”Miljöproblem måste analyseras tillsammans” by Karin Montgomery in EXTRAKT. 2019-01-14.

”Forskare: Så får vi bättre miljöpolitiska lösningar” in Syre. 2019-01-25.

EFD blog post by Gernot Wagner. 2019-05-11.

“Planetary Boundaries and the Anthropocene” by Thomas Sterner and Gernot Wagner in Resources for the Future Magazine. 2019-05-16.

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