Sustainable ecosystems and biodiversity are the foundation for our life on earth. There is a lot of discussion on the topic, often with the focus on how to best protect the species and areas. But is it the best strategy and is all species really necessary for the ecosystem? How do you measure and calculate biodiversity?

Together with two other researchers, I now have a forthcoming article regarding biodiversity in Nature Sustainbility, namely:

On the 13th of December 2021, I participated at the program “Hur vet vi det?!” (How do we know!?) for the episode “Arter – är alla lika mycket värda?” (Species – are all worth the same?) to discuss these issues. I was a panelist together with Professor Kerstin Johannesson, who works at the Department of Marine Sciences, at University of Gothenburg. The program was organized by the Faculty of Science, at University of Gothenburg, and Folkuniversitetet.

The recording of the episode is available if you click on the picture below.